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The Charlie Brown Bunch

You can see Lucy holding the football
Watch Charlie Brown run and strut
Lucy pulls it away just in time
Giggling as Charlie begins to fall

Why he never could figure it out
It happened every single time
But he never did say anything harmful
Never to raise his voice or to shout

He would lay upon the ground and twitch
One always wondered what was going on
In his mind at the precise moment
When he just starts to strangle the bitch

Linus came to help out Charlie Brown
They took her body out into the countryside
Burying her as deep as they could
And hoped her body would not be found

And Peppermint Pattie was along for the ride
She was always jealous of Lucy
She never once even missed her closest friend
When people asked of Lucy, she turned away and lied

But guilt set in, Pattie was drinking and would not stop
One night in a drunken rage, she told her tale
She let it all slip out, too far gone to care
Reciting her story over for the local cop

She finally felt like her conscious had become clean
Dying in a insane hospital ward
Charlie Brown went to prison, and soon it will be over
And Linus disappeared and has yet to be seen

Poor Lucy, her days of holding the football was no more
If you wish, you may still visit her
Charlie Brown has been led to the electric chair
And Lucy is buried in the cemetery next door

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