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Good Company, a Pujatale by Tasha - [ Review ]

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Good Company, a Pujatale by Tasha

by Pujakins

Once there were two rabbits who dearly loved one another.
They loved to dance and play
and sing and eat and
sleep and work together.
And they were happy.
One day Caterpillar said to them,
"Why are you always together?"
"Because we like to be." They replied.
"Oh," said the caterpillar, "Why?"
"It's fun to be together,
"There's two of us to laugh and two to talk
"and that's more fun than being by oneself."
"Mmm," said Caterpillar,
"but if there's only me to eat the leaf,
"there's more for me."
"Yes," said the bunnies,
"but there's so many leaves there's plenty to share."
"I suppose that's true," said Caterpillar, and he went off thinking.

The rabbits were munching on some buttercups
when Ant said "Hello."
"Hello," said the rabbits.
"Why are you always together?" asked Ant.
"It's fun because there's two of us to dance and jump together,"
and they began to play leapfrog among the buttercups.
"But ," said Ant, “then you have to gather twice as much food for the winter."
"Yes," they replied, "but there's two of us to gather it."
"True," said Ant, "but I had better get busy now,"
and she went away thoughtfully.

The rabbits hopped on happily until
they came to Spider sitting in the middle of her web,
stretched between two dandelions.
"Why are you always together?"
asked Spider as they admired her web.
"Oh, it's fun," they said together.
They were getting a little tired of answering that question.
"I should think," Spider said,
“you'd have a hard time making a house for two.
"It's quite enough to spin a web for one.
"Isn't mine beautiful?" she said proudly.
"Oh, yes," they agreed, "It is."
"We were just admiring it when you spoke to us.
"But you see, we can work together to make our home,
"so it's not hard for us."
"Oh,” said Spider, "I see."

Just then a cloud hid the sun and a few raindrops
spattered down out of the sky.
The rabbits took shelter under a big burdock leaf.
As suddenly as it had begun,
the rain stopped, the sun came out, and everything sparkled.
"See the rainbows shining in the drops caught in my web?" Spider called.
The rabbits went over and looked.
The whole web glimmered.
"How lucky you are," they said.
"It is a treasure of rainbows."
Spider smiled to think of having such a treasure.
"Thank you for sharing it with us," they said.
"Thank you for sharing it with me," Spider said.
"That's why it's nice that there are two of you,
"for then there is always someone to share with."
"That's true," the rabbits smiled together.

"I know why you're always together,"
buzzed Honeybee on her way to gather honey.'
"Tell us," they said.
"Because you're good company for one another
"you share the work and you share the fun – just like us."
Off she flew to tell her sisters about the meadow blossoms she had found.
The wind blew the leaves on the trees;
they seemed to murmur,
"just like us, just like us."
The sunbeams that pattered down into the grass sang,
"Just like us, just like us."
But the rabbits were having fun playing hide and seek
and weren't listening.
“It's fun, sharing, isn't it?" said one.
"Oh, yes," said the other.
And together they danced through the sunbeams.

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Good Company, a Pujatale by Tasha
Added on: 25-Sep-2011 Hits: 520

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