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A Rainbow of Butterflies, A Pujatale by Tasha - [ Review ]

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A Rainbow of Butterflies, A Pujatale by Tasha

by Pujakins

Once there was a lovely butterfly with rainbow wings.
She flew and flew, going from flower to flower,
sipping from every color of the rainbow
to see which one she liked best.

She sipped the nectar of a red flower, and then an orange one.
She tasted the nectar of a yellow flower and then of a green one.
She drank the nectar of a purple flower and sighed.
Mmmm, they were all so good.

One day she perched on a white flower,
and after she had sipped its nectar
she laid six eggs on its stem:
red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
Then she flew away.

The eggs grew and grew.
They got bigger and bigger.
One day they all hatched. From the red egg came a red caterpillar,
the orange egg, an orange caterpillar, the yellow egg, a yellow caterpillar
until each egg had hatched into its color.
They were all very, very hungry.

After they ate up all the leaves they could reach,
they set off in search of food.
Each one climbed the stem of its same colored flower.
They munched and munched.
The more they munched the bigger they grew.
The bigger they grew the more they munched,
until one day they all became very tired.

One by one they spun cocoons.
The red caterpillar, a red one,
the orange caterpillar spun an orange one,
the yellow caterpillar spun a yellow one,
the green caterpillar spun a green one,
the blue caterpillar spun a blue one,
the purple caterpillar a purple one,
then they all fell fast asleep.

They dreamed of the flowers gave them shelter,
of the sunshine and raindrops, the breezes and moonlight.
Until one day when the caterpillars woke up.
Hungry, they thought, and looked for something to bite.
They wriggled and squirmed until their cocoons split.
Lo and behold, they felt the sunshine on their bodies,
and stretched out their wings.

The caterpillars had become butterflies.
Out of the red cocoon climbed a red one. She held out her wings to the sun.
From the orange one, an orange butterfly
and from yellow one, a yellow butterfly.
A green butterfly stretched her wings,
and so did a blue butterfly, and a purple one.
They basked in the lovely sunshine.

Once all their wings were ready to fly,
they soared beautifully into the air,
and a fluttering rainbow hovered over the garden.

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A Rainbow of Butterflies, A Pujatale by Tasha
Added on: 22-Jan-2012 Hits: 618

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