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Poems - Punk


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by Tony

someone stripped the emperor
and the sneer became an honest form of speech
and someone who had never twisted a knob before twisted a knob
and someone who’d never bent a string before bent a string
and someone sent a cowboy’s chords to do a bulldozer’s job
and someone let joy out on a rampage
and the devil became a hero
and we forgot the time
but we remembered how to bang things
we recalled the joy of bomp bam boom
whether it was drums or bodies we were slamming
and the radio quaked daily
and the songs got shorter
and the music industry couldn’t get its pants up in time
to get out the door and milk the noise until it died
and someone stuck metal under their skin
and made a memento of the blood
and someone pointed out that there is NO FUTURE
and if there is NO FUTURE there is only NOW
and if there is only NOW there is also NO PAST to hold us back
and everything began to bounce very hard
and everything began to whip around itself
and someone made a magazine and sold it without benefit of bookstore
and someone wrote a poem with reverb
and it shook the colleges down
and someone made an evening gown of sackcloth
and started a religion which began with Jesus dying
for someone else’s sins
and what it was was freedom in the form of a rejection letter
and what it was is what it still is
because someone somewhere
is still trying to find out how far the human soul can go
on three chords tuned to exhaustion
wet sex in a van
the roar of the crowd
and most of all on the joy that comes
when you spit all the outrage and triumph in you into the face of death
as you realize that it’s you – you – YOU
YOU did it
YOU stripped the emperor
and crumpled his vanity
and you did it all by yourself
and when you were done
the gods of the big beat looked down on you
and said in one dirtysweet voice
"hey you kids that shit's too loud"
and you screamed right back
"there's no

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DIY or Die.... (Score: 1 )
by galley_poet on Saturday, November 10, 2007 (15:11:15)
DIY or Die....

| Parent

possibly my fa\/orit (Score: 1 )
by chameleon on Saturday, November 10, 2007 (19:04:59)
possibly my fa\/orite of your pieces. It's totally raw and down to earth.

| Parent

This is truly awesom (Score: 1 )
by fallenpoet on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 (14:25:02)
This is truly awesome. One of the best, non classical poems I've read. I think I'll go find my Rob Zombie cd...I know it's around here somewhere.

| Parent

this poem was right (Score: 1 )
by tekirdag on Thursday, November 22, 2007 (08:38:30)
this poem was right in my face. thanks for posting it Smile

| Parent

I am resisting a sen (Score: 1 )
by spence on Sunday, November 25, 2007 (20:17:26)
I am resisting a sense of bias when voting and commenting on this piece, but after seeing it on the slams I felt compelled to vote here also.
This poem spoke out to me and had me memerised with your description of the ideologies that fuelled and underpinned the musical and political movements that have influenced every single aspect of my life.
I became a punk at 8 years old and at 35- I'm still of that mindset and style- hence my bias, but I have seen so many bungled misinterpretations of this seminal youth culture that- being an 'insider'- (so to speak)- I had doubted to ever read a fair or unbiased, (good or bad), opinion of the movement.
I am happy to say that I have been proven wrong.
I often have discussions about the influence that punk/activism had on society and my argument is always this- The punk attitude cannot be categorised into a hairstyle or a lifestyle- 'anarchy' is a free state of mind and the freedom of expression that we demanded and took, by 'stripping the emperor' and exposing the uncivility of the 'civilised' has been one of the major forces in western culture in the last 30 years.
As an example I ask people to imagine what would have happened to eminem had the christain censorship machine won the day, but I know it's not a question that can be answered- I know that he wouldn't have existed beyond the marshall mathers of the working class neighbourhood.
Thank you for writing this- I'm so glad it exists! take care, spence

| Parent
    I am resisting a sen (Score: 1 )
    by Tony on Monday, November 26, 2007 (02:41:35)
    Thanks. I was 17 in 1977 and was fortunate enough to be able to see and be involved in the first heady days of that music -- and I've never been the same. I am glad it did for you what it did for me -- my work to this day is informed by the esthetic of the time, and I'm honored that this poem captured it so well for you.

    | Parent

this held my head to (Score: 1 )
by cantfakesoul on Monday, February 04, 2008 (00:37:00)
this held my head to the screen and made me read it, made me read it twice and out loud. your words demand attention. it's raw and real and I love it.

| Parent

Seems like it would (Score: 1 )
by natey on Monday, April 28, 2008 (12:22:11)
Seems like it would read very well as a slam or performance poem, a bit repetitive with the ands when reading it, hearing it I might have a different opinion, but it reads very powerful

| Parent
    Seems like it would (Score: 1 )
    by Tony on Thursday, May 01, 2008 (15:49:49)
    you've never heard me read this???

    | Parent

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