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Poems - Childhood part I Winter


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Childhood part I Winter

by butterflyzrfree

"Everyone come out eat your pancakes right now"
No matter what, we had to come out and eat those pancakes. The were thin crepey ones, and you got a lot. Maple syrup or applesauce, that was the rule.
Afterwards, my brother and I would play Gumby and Pokey, or little plastic dinosaurs. Or "Candyland" We couldn't read.

Winter was great, except Mom worried a lot about Dad driving home from work. Was he going to get into an accident. She would cry if he was late and dinner was ready. if he was late. She would call her friends about the icy roads. Usually someone reassured her that it was the snowplows, and the traffic. After she had called everyone, she would have a "Canadian Club" I didn't know what that was, but mom did not drink, except for that, as far as I know.

The best part about winter was that there was a hill in the backyard. Mom made sure that we were bundled up in our snow pants on, plus long underwear, down coat, hat and scarf, two pairs socks, a scarf and galoshes. Only after all of that, were we ready to go sledding. It worked, though. The sled was like a small tobaggan. It had a rusty metal steering wheel and we also had neighborhood kids come over, We would always make a bump in the snow, so we could fly over it. It would usually last a couple of hours at most until we ran it down. Then stop everything, and build another bump.

Once I ran straight into a tree.I came out of it my face covered with blood and crying. Mom, who used to watch from the window, ran out in her robe and slippers. I went to her, and got blood from all over her pink robe. Mom, who always watched me from the back window.

Once we got in the house there was Dad, in his housecoat and Pajamas, and he helped me out of all of the clothes as i was crying too hard to do anything but stand there. Mom prepared a warm washcloth. I was lucky, they said. All it was was a bunch of scrapes. I didn't need to go to the doctor, and mom put Iodine on my face and I cried some more, and then some bandaids. Mom made her famous chicken soup and tons of hot chocolate. I don't know if I ate much soup, but I sure remember that hot chocolate. I think that then, I went to sleep.

When I went back back to school everyone wanted to hear the story. I felt like a national hero. But I hated my face and refused to look in the mirror. Mom kept telling me not to pick at it and threatened me with the doctor.

Winter was not yet over, and there were other fun things to do. Snowmen, and snow angels, and mostly snowball fights. I hated those because boys always got carried way, and threw too hard and I went inside.Once, in a bad winter, there was enough wet snow to make an igloo and tunnels and it was a labrynth and we were proud. It was great fun to add to it the next day, and repair it from too much play and it would last a few days till the sun came out. There were lots of fun things in winter, to make up for school.

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Re: Childhood part I Winter (Score: 1 )
by Jayelle on Friday, September 11, 2009 (04:39:26)
Gail~~this is wonderful! You brought back some of my own memories! I remember those thin crepey pancakes...we would put maple syrup on them and roll them up like a mini jellyroll and cut off bites with our forks. Yummmmmy! I also remember making those bumps in the snow...only we had a snow coaster/"flying saucer" and would be airborne for a few seconds after sailing over that bump! Thanks for helping me to reminisce...maybe (well, maybe NOT) it will help me get through the coming winter with a smile on my face. Somehow, as an adult, shoveling, scraping off the car, driving on treacherous roads, takes all the fun out. Joan

(PS I take it you didn't grow up in Florida!! )

| Parent
    Re: Childhood part I Winter (Score: 1 )
    by butterflyzrfree on Friday, September 11, 2009 (10:32:30)
    Thanks so much Jayelle! Now you have me remembering those coasters! I should put one of those in the poem, too! We used to wax them you are bringing memories to ME!!! SmileI am going to write a second psrt about summer. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago. My entire family lives in those suburbs except for me. Sometimes I miss them, sometimes, not. I always miss my Dad and brother. Cheers, and thanks again, Gail

    | Parent

Re: Childhood part I Winter (Score: 1 )
by liarbird on Saturday, September 12, 2009 (21:07:56)
G'day Gail...
As you know Gail, I enjoy reading lifestyle stories and this tale of yours is no exception. It's a pity not more people don't sit and write childhood memories because they are a part of history and so easily lost.
Thank you Gail. Enjoyed.


| Parent
    Re: Childhood part I Winter (Score: 1 )
    by butterflyzrfree on Sunday, September 13, 2009 (15:49:15)
    Thanks so much, Lindsay! I agree. Different lives from different countries are interestilng, and yet, people look at their own lives and their own worlds as boring. The story of a life in India was fascinating to me, when it was related by someone. Yet the person could not understand why I would even be interested in such a thing! Well, its up to us writer's to keep up the good work, I suppose! Cheers, Gail

    | Parent

Re: Childhood part I Winter (Score: 1 )
by omegapaf on Sunday, September 13, 2009 (21:37:39)
was snow deeper when we were kids gail, or was it that our legs were smaller? - miami snow angels - paul.

| Parent
    Re: Childhood part I Winter (Score: 1 )
    by butterflyzrfree on Monday, September 14, 2009 (00:11:25)
    Probably both! I grew up in Chicago, you know! on a main street, so the plows always did our streets first, but sill. Happy fluffy snow covered balloon animals and my doggie for you...gail

    | Parent

Re: Childhood part I Winter (Score: 1 )
by PattyK on Sunday, October 25, 2009 (11:41:59)
Those were the days, huh Gail!

| Parent
    Re: Childhood part I Winter (Score: 1 )
    by butterflyzrfree on Sunday, October 25, 2009 (12:08:17)
    Do they remind you of your childhood too?

    | Parent
      Re: Childhood part I Winter (Score: 1 )
      by PattyK on Sunday, October 25, 2009 (12:11:17)
      Yes, but also the one about disfunctional families!!! Cool

      | Parent
        Re: Childhood part I Winter (Score: 1 )
        by butterflyzrfree on Sunday, October 25, 2009 (12:18:59)
        Ha! Thanks for navigating and looking at my stuff!!! Very Happy I appreciate!

        | Parent

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