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by Candyass

I'm sick of the bullshit.
And all of the lies.
You don't know that when my daughter is at her mammies,
She cries.
Why can't you open your fuckin eyes?!?!?!!

You are being selfish,
And it's really not fair.
You have two granddaughters.
And they never see you,
Your never there.

My oldest had a birthday,
And you promised a bunch of gifts.
But then you didn't even show up,
Now thats just fuckin bullshit!!!!

Then my youngest Ava,she just turned one.
Ten minutes before her party,
You text me your not coming.
I knew you wouldn't come!!!

You and Dad are divorcing.
You made your choice to leave.
And now you cut out everyone.
How do you cut off your own family?!?!!

You don't like to talk to us,
Cuz you can't take the truth.
But what do you expect from us??!!
We aren't the ones who did this, it was you!!

You say your a proud Nannie,
And a proud Mom too.
How do you explain that one??
It's been since August,
Since I or your grandkids have even seen you!!!

I'm sick of your carelessness.
I'm sick of all your lies.
You don't realize what your doing.
You really need to open your fuckin eyes!!!

These people your associating with,
Are never gonna change.
When will you realize,
Your so called "best friend",
Is fuckin deranged.

You ever hear the saying?,
Fool me once,shame on you,
Fool me twice, shame on me.
How gullable and naive can you really be?!?!
It's only a matter of time,
It will happen again,
And you will be sorry.

And in the end when it's all said and done.
You will be the one in the end hurting,
Cuz you will be the one left with no one!!!

Candace W.
Written 12/2/10

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"SICK OF THE BULLSHIT" | Login/Create an Account | 3
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by Jzarmel on Saturday, December 04, 2010 (09:27:41)
Very nice display of anger. As I read, I can also feel and understand what u went through. Nice read.

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    Re: SICK OF THE BULLSHIT (Score: 1 )
    by Candyass on Tuesday, December 07, 2010 (11:53:46)
    Thank you for your comment glad you enjoyed my write.

    love and happiness
    Candace Wink

    | Parent

by floatingpoet on Thursday, March 10, 2011 (03:13:13)
I feel your pain! my dad devorced my mom after she worked two jobs putting him threw eye doctor school. then he married this woman thats only 6 years older than me. when I was growing up he told me tht I had to work for everything or I wouldn't a-preesh-eee-hate-it. so I didn't goto collage and I bought my own first car. my step sister had a house paid for her with a new car and collage was paid in advance. then when I had kids he didn't want to be grand dad because he thought it made him sound old. he missed most of the kids growing up. rare to see him on christmass because his bimbo wife had better thing to do for him. so I know your pain. named a boat after him called "shallow minded" peace and love from capt. mike ps I gives yaz a ten!

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