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All Time Providence Poetry Slam Team Roster

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The Providence Poetry Slam is held on the first and fourth Thursday of the month at:
115 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02906

Directions to AS220 | Poetry Slam FAQ | National Venue Locator | Slam Standings

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Jared Paul aka MANICexpressive is now the Slammaster of the Providence Poetry Slam. His artist site can be found at

Kevin Barry
Jared Paul
Paul Graham
Mike Cellemme

Jared Paul
Trevor Byrne-Smith
Corrina Bain
Chris Johnson
Kevin Barry

Jared Paul
Carlos Gomez
Corrina Bain
Jive Poetic

2003 Placed 5th at Nationals

Bernard Dolan
Alixa Garcia
Jared Paul
Alex Charlambides

2002 Placed 14th at Nationals

Sage Francis loves you, mom.
1998 Providence Poetry Slam Team
1999 Providence Poetry Slam Team
1999 Superbowl MC Battle Champ
2000 Scribble Jam MC Battle Champ
2001 Big Fat Loser at Everything
2002 Providence Poetry Slam Team!!!
A broken heart donor since 1996
AOI is his rock and roll band.
Non-Prophets is his rap group.
Personal Journals is his new solo album on anticon records.
"You should beatbox in every single poem"-Taylor

John POWERS: John Powers was the heavy Weight Tae Kwon Do Champion of North Korea, an International Hip Hop star, and John Candy's movie stunt double until he went on a diet and lost 450 pounds along with his ability to rhyme and block the spinning axe kick. He is the Slam Master of Providence. This is his fourth nationals.

Bernard DOLAN: Bernard is not dead. See Celena, he's not dead. NYC Nuyorican teeth cutting city leaving Providence showing Grand Champ Providence Poetry Slam Winner 2002.

Jared PAUL: *I don't believe in poetry or god. I perform artistic journalism (under Jared Paul or MANICexpressive) in order to spread the MANICexpressive Agenda:

  1. Adoption = Good / unnecessary procreation = BAD,
  2. GO VEGAN,
  3. Ballot Casting, based on research, for the lesser of candidatorial Evils is obligatory,
  4. RECYCLE / practice responsible consumerism.
  • I am a counselor at a non-prophet placement program for minors in state care and am studying to be a social worker.
  • Taylor Mali and his work have probably been responsible for more positive action in this world than the sum effort of his critics.

2001 Placed 23rd at Nationals
David Gonsales
Jared Paul
Alixa Gonzales
Mike Cellemme
alt: Vocab

Gary Hoare
Zilla McQue
Dave Blank
Jared Paul
alt: Seren Devine

John Powers
Sage Francis
Ed Fuqua
Becky Henderson

Laura Moran
Sage Francis
Dave Blank
Dawn Gabrielle

Ed Fuqua
Leah Deschnes
Craig Nelson
Laura Moran

1996 (National Slam Champions) Placed 1st.
Taylor Mali
Bill MacMillan
Sean Shea
Cory Cokes

Deb Middleton
Milton Mannix
Sean Shea
alt: Jerry Fogel

Michael Brown
Derick Prosper
Sean Shea

1993 Ray Davey

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