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All of the News Topics of News, Articles and Event Notices
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Aisle 9 - the Regular Column

· Topic: Aisle 9 - the Regular Column
· Total News: 26
· Total Reads: 65087
 Features: December '09 amusings.
 Features: Fusco's at old Cape Cod ( a reality show proposal)
 Features: An Apology and New Stuff
 Features: Con Jobs
 Features: The WeatherMan
 Features: Cars
 Features: Tidbits from Our Visit to The Big Apple
 Features: Two events that needed to be documented by an objective observer
 Features: Merry Month of May
 Features: Sitting Down

American Life in Poetry

· Topic: American Life in Poetry
· Total News: 193
· Total Reads: 176540
 Poems: Chiller Pansies | Poem by Debra Wierenga
 Poems: Poet's Corner: Growing older
 Poems: American Life in Poetry: Occurrence on Washburn Avenue
 Poems: American Life in Poetry: Going Deaf
 Poems: American Life in Poetry: Long Marriage
 Poems: American Life in Poetry: Barbershop Quartet, East Village Grille
 Poems: American Life in Poetry: Wild Flowers
 Poems: American Life in Poetry: Corned Beef and Cabbage
 Poems: American Life in Poetry: The Cherry Tree
 Poems: American Life in Poetry: What My Father Left Behind

Art in the News

· Topic: Art in the News
· Total News: 8279
· Total Reads: 1265733
 Events: Portrait of a Merrick artist and poet
 Stories: NYC museum presents major exhibition on Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Shevchen
 Events: WW1 centenary exhibition programme at Royal West of England Academy
 Stories: In 'Leaves of Grass - Uncut,' Patrick Scully pays tribute to Walt Whitman
 Events: Ming: The Golden Empire, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
 Events: "Canvas to Read" by Carmen Boullosa
 News: Ireland- Limerick artist Jack Donovan dies aged 80
 News: NY- ART: Verse vendors: Lego my Walt Whitman
 Events: Wales- Story of forgotten 19th century poet told in powerful new photo exhibitio
 Stories: Belgrave St Ives opens Jessica Cooper's first solo show with the gallery

Bilbio - The Other Bible Stories

· Topic: Bilbio - The Other Bible Stories
· Total News: 28
· Total Reads: 43166
 Features: The Bed-Chapter Three- Epilogues
 Features: The Bed- Chapter Three, Epilogue One (concluded)
 Features: Chapter Three, Epilogue One- “It’s As If the Story Doesn’t Want to End”
 Features: "If You Come Together, Sometimes It Builds Itself
 Features: The Bed-Part Seven (continued)
 Features: The Bed- Chapter Three, Parts Of Seven
 Features: The Bed- Chapter Three, Parts Of Seven
 Features: Chapter Six-Part Three (conclusion)
 Features: The Bed- Chapter Three
 Features: The Bed - Chapter Three, Part 6 (continued even more)

Boston Poetry Slam

· Topic: Boston Poetry Slam
· Total News: 209
· Total Reads: 154530
 Events: MA - PRESS RELEASE: South-Asian Duo BROWNSTAR Features at the Boston Poetry Slam
 Events: MA - PRESS RELEASE: Annual Speed Slam Kicks Off at the Boston Poetry Slam
 Slam: MA - PRESS RELEASE: Ryk McIntyre and Carlos Andreas Gomez Double Feature at Bost
 Slam: MA - PRESS RELEASE: Nuyorican SlamMaster Mahogany Browne Features at Boston Poet
 Events: MA - PRESS RELEASE: Kevin Spak Features at Boston Poetry Slam
 Events: MA - PRESS RELEASE: Jeff Robinson Trio and Matthew Klane Feature at Boston Poetr
 Events: MA - PRESS RELEASE: Slam Team Selection Finals at Boston Poetry Slam
 Events: MA - PRESS RELEASE: San-Jose-Boston Performer Caroline Harvey Features at Boston
 Events: MA - PRESS RELEASE: Slam Team Selection Finals at Boston Poetry Slam
 Events: MA - PRESS RELEASE: San-Jose-Boston Performer Caroline Harvey Features at Boston


· Topic: Cartoons
· Total News: 16
· Total Reads: 29825
 Poetry Discussion: Militant Vegan Poets Attack
 Poetry Discussion: Militant Vegan Poets Attack
 Poetry Discussion: Militant Vegan Poets Attack
 Poetry Discussion: Militant Vegan Poets Attack
 Poetry Discussion: Stoopid Chicken
 Poetry Discussion: Stoopid Chicken
 Poetry Discussion: Slam on Ice
 Poetry Discussion: A exclusive comic
 Poetry Discussion: Stoopid number 8
 Poetry Discussion: Anatomy of a Goth Poet

Chrysanthemum - a serial novel

· Topic: Chrysanthemum - a serial novel
· Total News: 60
· Total Reads: 86186
 Features: Chapter 59 - Epilogue
 Features: Chapter 58 - Violent Femmes; possible exodus; impending Ground War; Polly
 Features: Chapter 57 - note, kite, Roanoke - what we say after we're gone
 Features: Chapter 56 - Bad December; Hinda plays out - show & drunken afterparty
 Features: Chapter 55 - desperation; here's what's left that proves you were here
 Features: Chapter 54 - aftermath; trains; names for God; no note left
 Features: Chapter 53 - scheduled surgery; Hanuman speaks; unscheduled changes in plans
 Features: Chapter 52 - fevers & functioning; "Darling, I'm angry & I'm suffering"
 Features: Chapter 51 - baby names
 Features: Chapter 50 - i love you, no matter what happens; Russia

Current Poetic Events

· Topic: Current Poetic Events
· Total News: 8241
· Total Reads: 2484446
 Contest: Winning Writers Announces the 12th Annual Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contes
 Events: Going Out Guide for the District of Columbia, July 24-30, 2014
 Events: CT- Disco & Poetry Today at Wilton Library
 Books: Bookstock (July 25-27) Promotes Regional Publishers And Authors
 Events: IL- Brother-sister duo April Fools blends music, spoken word
 Events: MA - Books & Poetry
 Poems: UK- Hero's daughter will pay poetic tribute to fallen soldiers
 Slam: PA- Youth poetry festival
 Events: Maryland author Richard Seldin will sign his book, "Pearls Beneath...
 Events: McBride brings music, food, and life to poetry

DC Baltimore Slams

· Topic: DC Baltimore Slams
· Total News: 108
· Total Reads: 91040
 Events: DC - Sonya Renee Features May 9 @ 11th Hour Slam!!!
 Events: MD - SLAMicide Brings You THE KLUTE
 Slam: MD - SLAMicide features Adam Stone! Tomorrow's Slam has a new location
 Slam: DC - SLAMicide Feature for January 14, 2008: GRANMA DAVE SCHEIN!!
 Slam: DC - SLAMicide is back in the new year!
 Slam: MD - Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to All!
 Events: MD - SLAMicide Poetry Slam: Featuring E-Baby!
 Events: MD - Date Clarification: Delrica's Bday Celebration & DC Slam's last hurrah...
 Reading: MD - SLAMicide Poetry Slam presents . . . a DOUBLE FEATURE!
 Slam: DC Slam News Blast!

Electronic Media

· Topic: Electronic Media
· Total News: 1837
· Total Reads: 711220
 News: New iPad app launched to feature 45 Wilfred Owen war poems
 Audio: Elizabeth K. Gordon - The Clotheslines of Cohoes
 Audio: Big Poppa E - Napoleon (Boise)
 Audio: Andrew Crigler - Molded Ladies
 Audio: Poetry Podcast: Yusef Komunyakaa Reads Marilyn Hacker
 Poetry Discussion: Nirvana
 News: Filmmaker brothers launch their online channel with a - film poem'
 Audio: Taylor Mali - The Power
 Blogs: English poem on Hillsborough football disaster
 Blogs: My little open mic at the Spring Poetry Salon

Favorite Lines

· Topic: Favorite Lines
· Total News: 168
· Total Reads: 153957
 Poets: Unplowed Poetry: A Question To Bloomie
 Audio: Heron
 Video: Video: Randy Pausch Last Lecture - Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
 Slam: WA - Seattle Poetry Slam Weekly Newsletter
 Slam: WA - Seattle Poetry Slam Weekly Newsletter
 Slam: WA - Seattle Poetry Slam Weekly News
 Events: AZ - Anthology fanzine 1.18: Alvin Lau and Scott Woods THIS WEEK!
 Slam: WA - Seattle Poetry Slam Weekly News
 News: IL - News from Young Chicago Authors
 Events: WA - Seattle Poetry Slam Weekly Newsletter

Girls Want Porn Too

· Topic: Girls Want Porn Too
· Total News: 21
· Total Reads: 67728
 Features: Girls Want Porn Too - Unimportant Poetry
 Features: Girls Want Porn Too - The Birthday Edition
 Features: Will Fashion Break Poetry?
 Features: Update on The Lyrical Terrorist
 Features: GWP - The Future of Poetry
 Features: Girls Want Porn Too - If You Ever Wonder Why
 Features: Girls Want Porn: The Power of Sound
 Features: Change It Up
 Features: The Point is Not the Points
 Features: Why Children Should Memorize Poetry

Got Haiku? - the Regular Column

· Topic: Got Haiku? - the Regular Column
· Total News: 24
· Total Reads: 57161
 Features: Haiku and Selflessness - the Conundrum
 Features: haiku from the street - Wall Street
 Features: I often write of trains
 Features: my four-legged muse
 Features: drunk-ass haiku
 Features: Unquestionably haiku
 Features: writer's block - mining the vacuum
 Features: The Ex-Factor
 Features: Writer's Block - The Ultimate Inspiration
 Features: Show - Don't Tell

GotPoetry Live II

· Topic: GotPoetry Live II
· Total News: 0
· Total Reads: 0
There are no articles to display

GotPoetry Live!

· Topic: GotPoetry Live!
· Total News: 78
· Total Reads: 94374
 Reading: News from GotPoetry Live! - Louise Robertson is this Tuesday
 Poems: American Life in Poetry: At 14
 Reading: GotPoetry Live! 1/27/09 - Sam Grabelle and Gary Mercure
 Reading: RI - Morris Stegosaurus at GotPoetry Live - Today Tue 1-6-09
 Reading: RI - Christian Drake!!! At GotPoetry Live! Tuesday 12-30-2008 - 8 PM
 Reading: Michael Brown features at GotPoetry Live
 Reading: RI - GotPoetry Live Election night special open...


· Topic: GotPoetry?
· Total News: 230
· Total Reads: 202450
 Interview: Meet The GP Poet: Christopher Schmitz
 Interview: Meet The GP Poet: Wayne Richard Baker
 Interview: Meet The GP Poet: silent lotus
 Meet the GP Poet: Meet The GP Poet: Mary Ann Schallert
 Meet the GP Poet: Meet The GP Poet: Judih Weinstein Haggai
 News: Slam Winners
 News: Slam Winners
 News: Slam Winners
 News: Slam Winners
 News: Slam Winners

Grace by Sou Macmillan

· Topic: Grace by Sou Macmillan
· Total News: 45
· Total Reads: 42797
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 45
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 44
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 43
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 42
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 41
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 40
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 39
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 38
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 37
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 36

Haiku Serial

· Topic: Haiku Serial
· Total News: 17
· Total Reads: 31127
 Events: - Haiku Head to Head SLAM at 11th Hour Slam!!
 Events: SLAMicide Presents . . . Head to Head Haiku Deathmatch!
 Poetry Discussion: HAIKU OF R.K.SINGH
 Slam: UK - Farrago Haiku SLAM! & Festival Showcase, 30th November @ The Poetry Place,
 News: The 'aha' moments of haiku
 Workshops: SC - Renga Workshop at Columbia Art Museum
 Contest: Haiku Masters, be ready...
 Poetry Discussion: Modern Haiku Poetry - What It is and How to Write It
 Poetry Discussion: Learn Haiku the Easy Way!
 Web: Free Daily Haiku Service Offered by Wisteria Press

How to Succeed as a Failing Writer

· Topic: How to Succeed as a Failing Writer
· Total News: 26
· Total Reads: 72264
 Features: Life After Slam
 Features: Long Time Quiet Now
 Features: Harry Potter and the Vampire People
 Features: Questions on Airplanes
 Features: Serving Neither Master
 Features: Look! Up in the Sky!
 Features: You Are DOOMED!!!
 Features: Drunken brilliance
 Features: Wild sex in the working-writer class
 Features: Midnight in the Morning

In the Traditional Media

· Topic: In the Traditional Media
· Total News: 3390
· Total Reads: 592175
 Review: Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton
 Review: Reaching For The Moon review: A moving tale of love and loss
 Events: Everyman rediscovers lost World War One novel by local poet F.W. Harvey
 Events: VT- A Chance Shadow: A poetic play performed at Sandglass Theater
 News: MA- Big Joy: The Adventures Of James Broughton
 Events: UK- Lighthouse unveils autumn schedule
 News: World Poetry Proudly Presents Dr.Diego Bastianutti from Italy and Canada
 Events: NY- Call Me Crazy Opens 7/10 at Nuyorican Poets Cafe
 News: Piedmont: Diversity film focuses on teens' lives in poetry slam
 News: Carolyn Hitt: The wonderful wood where history and emotion collide

Intl Review of Bad Children's Books

· Topic: Intl Review of Bad Children's Books
· Total News: 41
· Total Reads: 131643
 Features: Follow the Leader - Extreme Sports Edition
 Features: Huck Finn - How to Ruin Good Books
 Features: Casper the Friendly But Not that Effective Ghost (TM)
 Features: Christmas Debris - Gremlins A New Friend
 Features: Christmas Debris - The Elf on the Shelf
 Features: Playing At Beggars
 Features: Barbie: Rapunzel and the Case of the Beard
 Features: The Little Marorette - Faster Pussycat Twirl Twirl!!!
 Features: Neil Gaiman's New Kid's Book? Meh.
 Features: The Anti-semitic Pachederms or The animal preserves are restricted

Magnus and G: Brothers In Alarms

· Topic: Magnus and G: Brothers In Alarms
· Total News: 5
· Total Reads: 8829
 Features: Magnus and G: Brothers in Alarms
 Features: Magnus and G: Brothers in Alarms
 Features: Magnus and G: Brothers in Alarms
 Features: Magnus and G: Brothers in Alarms
 Features: Magnus and G: Brothers in Alarms

Mink Bay

· Topic: Mink Bay
· Total News: 7
· Total Reads: 15511
 Features: Mink Bay - a multiple part series - Part VII
 Features: Mink Bay - a multiple part series - Part VI
 Features: Mink Bay - a multiple part series - Part V
 Features: Mink Bay - a multiple part series - Part IV
 Features: Mink Bay - a multiple part series - Part III
 Features: Mink Bay - a multiple part series - Part II
 Features: Mink Bay - a multiple part series - Part I

News in Poetry

· Topic: News in Poetry
· Total News: 68992
· Total Reads: 11331524
 Stories: Nationally broadcast poet will entertain at library
 Stories: Poet Skye Loneragan waxes lyrical to keep Games queues entertained
 Interview: Interview: Myra Cakan and Nelly Geraldine Garcia-Rosas on the Apex Book of World
 Reading: Poetry Readings at Bartleby's Books
 Contest: Last call for entries! DreamQuestOne Poetry&Writing Contest -Summer 2014
 Features: Putting poetry on the bus
 Stories: Oshawa Poetry Club
 Stories: Writers' workshop links in with war commemoration
 Stories: Lake District hotel is home to poetry
 Slam: All City Poetry Slam

NorCal Slam Update

· Topic: NorCal Slam Update
· Total News: 151
· Total Reads: 118200
 Events: CA - [slamUPDATE]
 Events: CA - [slamUPDATE]
 Events: CA - [slamUPDATE]
 Events: CA - [slamUPDATE]
 Events: CA - [slamUPDATE]
 Events: CA - [slamUPDATE]
 Events: CA - [slamUPDATE]
 Events: CA - [slamUPDATE]
 Events: CA - [slamUPDATE]
 Events: CA - [slamUPDATE]

Poems and Verse

· Topic: Poems and Verse
· Total News: 276
· Total Reads: 267861
 Poetry Discussion: Poetry column: Look again at 'weeds' around you
 Poets: John Milton
 News: Young Poet Tells of Joy In Marbles
 Ads as News: Mother's Day Poem
 Poems: Today's Poetry Sharing: "The Eternal Grave"
 Video: The poem: Harry
 Poems: `Poetry is a Kind of Money'
 Poems: Tennyson's the lady of shalott
 Video: The Dead - Billy Collins Animated Poem

Poetry Is Doomed

· Topic: Poetry Is Doomed
· Total News: 38
· Total Reads: 104935
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #37 - The Critical Color Poetry Guide
 Features: Poetry is Doomed #36 - 50 Reasons Why Jazz Musicians are Cooler than Poets
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #35: Take Your Advice and Shove It
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #34: Letter Bag Q&A 2
 Features: Poetry is Doomed #33: So You Don't Like Poetry - A Primer
 Features: Poetry is Doomed #32: Spoken Word is Fried Chicken
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #31: Why Are Poets So Dramatic?
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #30: Your opinion is not equal to my theory
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #30: Are Music Lyrics Poetry?
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #29: If you're going to perform from paper...

Poetry Slam Inc Information and Events

· Topic: Poetry Slam Inc Information and Events
· Total News: 106
· Total Reads: 109840
 Slam: IWPS 2009 - Berkeley, California - October 8 - 10!
 News: Joaquin Zihuatanejo is the 2008 IWPS World Champion
 Slam: The 2008 Individual World Poetry Slam (iWPS) - December 10 - 13, 2008
 Slam: National Poetry Slam 2008 enriches Madison
 Slam: National Poetry Slam - 2008 - Won by Charlotte
 Slam: NaTiOnAl PoETrY Sl@m 2008 MADiSON VOLUNTEER
 Events: iWPS 2008 in Charlotte NC 10-13 Dec. 20
 Slam: Women of the World Poetry Slam UPDATE!
 Contest: Poetry Slam, inc. Funding opportunity
 Contest: WoWPS Online Video Competition GOING ON NOW!!!

Providence Poetry Slam

· Topic: Providence Poetry Slam
· Total News: 147
· Total Reads: 180493
 Poets: Jared Paul arrested at the Republican National Convention
 Slam: RI - 3-Team Youth Regional & Singer/Songwriter open mic THIS T
 Reading: RI - Open Mic & Feature This Thursday February 7th@AS220
 Slam: Open Mic & Feature This Thursday February 7th@AS220
 Reading: RI - OPEN MIC TIME: No Feature, No Slam!! THU/1/30


· Topic: Reviews
· Total News: 4023
· Total Reads: 1128101
 Review: Review: 'Above the Dreamless Dead' takes readers into the trenches
 Review: Glory Grain of Courage By Peace Love
 Review: Book Review: 'The Cost of Sugar' by Angela Brown
 Review: “Reflection of a Hologram” By David Novick
 Books: Voices Like Wind Chimes: poems by Arlene Iris Distler
 Music: UK- John Cooper Clarke at Playhouse Whitley Bay
 Books: Review: 'How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky,' by Lydia Netzer
 Books: Reviews The Latest Hit Book - The Spirit Of A Sultan
 Books: "A Broken Hallelujah: Rock and Roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen,"
 Books: Anonymous Author Releases Double Lover

Slam Academy

· Topic: Slam Academy
· Total News: 4
· Total Reads: 8806
 Review: Grimm's fairy tales: Semper fidelis
 Review: Book Review: - Denise Levertov'
 Slam: Slampapi Sounds Off On The State Of Slam
 Features: Slam Academy #1: Introduction

Slam Minnesota

· Topic: Slam Minnesota
· Total News: 56
· Total Reads: 48719
 Events: MN - [slamminnesota]
 Events: MN - [slamminnesota]
 Events: MN - [slamminnesota]
 Events: MN - [slamminnesota]
 Events: MN - [slamminnesota]
 Events: MN - [slamminnesota]
 Events: MN - [slamminnesota]
 Events: MN - [slamminnesota]
 Events: MN - [slamminnesota]
 Events: MN - [slamminnesota]

Staff Picks

· Topic: Staff Picks
· Total News: 79
· Total Reads: 158597
 Features: Staff Picks for July 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for June 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for May 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for April 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for March 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for February 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for January 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for December 2013
 Features: Staff Picks for November 2013
 Features: Staff Picks for October 2013

Stolen Snapshots

· Topic: Stolen Snapshots
· Total News: 11
· Total Reads: 30525
 Features: Stolen Snapshots
 Features: Stolen Snapshots
 Features: Stolen Snapshots
 Features: Stolen Snapshots
 Features: Taylor Mali performs - Poetry and Interview
 Features: SLAM POET VIDEO: Ken Arkind: Poem & Interview
 Features: Slam Poet Zork video blog & Interview of Panama Soweto
 Features: SLAM POET: Jack McCarthy: Poem & Interview
 Features: Jamie Kilstein - Video Performance and Inteview VideoLog
 Features: Fish Vargas [2004 Slam Master Champ] - Performance and Inteview VideoLog

Tales of Sound & Fury

· Topic: Tales of Sound & Fury
· Total News: 7
· Total Reads: 20571
 Tales of Sound & Fury #5
 Features: Tales of Sound & Fury #4
 Features: Tales of Sound & Fury #3
 Features: Tales of Sound & Fury Special Expose: rob mclennan
 Features: Tales of Sound & Fury Special Expose: rob mclennan
 Features: TALES OF SOUND & FURY No.2
 Features: TALES OF SOUND & FURY No.1

The Bell Curve

· Topic: The Bell Curve
· Total News: 6
· Total Reads: 14703
 Features: The Bell Curve: Recognize Your Resources
 Features: It just came to me...
 Features: Make Art Not War
 Features: Thank God and Poetry
 Features: Just Think of Them as Dust Jackets
 Features: Introduction

The Canonical Texts of

· Topic: The Canonical Texts of
· Total News: 47
· Total Reads: 69305
 Poems: Love and Sleep
 Poems: [Child of the grass]
 Poems: For a Picture
 Poems: The Eagle (a Fragment)
 Poems: Untitled
 Poems: Epithalamion
 Poems: Cleis
 Poems: A Football-Player
 Poetry Discussion: Ver Novum
 Poems: To the Raphaelite Latinists

The Naked News Letter

· Topic: The Naked News Letter
· Total News: 29
· Total Reads: 57550
 Features: Totvi 12-26-07: "Christmas always gives me a boner."
 Features: The Tails of the Village Idiot, November 19th, 2006: Dear Santa
 Features: The TOTVI Part 3, 11-30-06
 Features: The Village Idiot Lives On, October 30, 2006
 Features: The Naked News Letter November 22nd, 2005
 Features: NNL 080705, TOTVI Published
 Features: NNL October 18, 2004
 Features: TVI's opprobrious diatribe of 53 do's and don'ts for poetry.
 Features: NNL 08-07-04. Writing Techniques of The Village Idiot.
 Features: NNL 05-12-04.

The Other Side of the Fence

· Topic: The Other Side of the Fence
· Total News: 13
· Total Reads: 29998
 Features: 2008 National Poetry Slam Finals
 Features: Hello, I Am A Book. Judge Me By My Cover
 Features: How To Be The Worst Host At A Poetry Slam Or An Open Mic
 Features: There Will Be Nerds
 Features: This Is The New Year
 Features: An Addendum
 Features: Where's My Money?
 Features: Where I Talk To Myself Using The Sock Puppet I Named Carl
 Features: A Confession
 Features: Direct Your Pitchforks And Torches Here

The Poet's Asylum

· Topic: The Poet's Asylum
· Total News: 256
· Total Reads: 180412
 Reading: Asylum update ( 08/13/08 )
 Events: Worcester-MA Poet's Asylum Slam Team Send Off
 Slam: Worcester-MA: Regional Slam at Jumpin’ Juice and Java
 Events: MA - Poets Asylum Update
 Slam: MA - Asylum update ( 06/20/08 )
 Reading: MA - Asylum update ( 06/12/08 )
 Reading: MA - Asylum update ( 06/05/08 )
 Events: MA - Asylum update ( 05/22/08 )
 Reading: MA - Asylum update ( 05/01/08 )
 Reading: MA - Asylum update ( 04/24/08 )

The Zero Point Zero Regular Column

· Topic: The Zero Point Zero Regular Column
· Total News: 124
· Total Reads: 190746
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Credo
 Features: Zero Point Zero: On Beginner's Poetry
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Rip It Up
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Report From IWPS, 2008
 Features: Zero Point Zero: From Page to Stage -- How Text Reflects Performance
 Features: Zero Point Zero: On the art of Saying Nothing About Art
 Features: Zero Point Zero: In Between Days
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Grouchy Ol' Me Explains...
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Reading The Same Poem Over And Over...
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Shifting Gears

Underground Hip Hop

· Topic: Underground Hip Hop
· Total News: 322
· Total Reads: 160022
 Events: Unsanctioned midnight sidewalk urban poetry howl
 Events: The Boombap Tour with Mr Thing - June 2012
 Music: Common brings passion to "The Dreamer/The Believer"
 Hip Hop: He's a rapper, not a talker
 Hip Hop: 11.APR.10 Spoken word and hip hop concert benefits DPS
 Hip Hop: Want to hear real hip-hop?
 Poets: IL- Robert J. Wiles
 Hip Hop: All That! Hip Hop, Poetry & Jazz
 Hip Hop: A Place in Hip-Hop History/Silent Knight
 Events: Rock Wilk Returns to The ShowRoom

Who is Marvin Brown? - A Serial Novel

· Topic: Who is Marvin Brown? - A Serial Novel
· Total News: 23
· Total Reads: 34679
 News: Obama Taking council during the Wall Street crisis
 Opinion: Obama wants to make the president cool again
 Video: The Shave
 Web: Christmas Poems
 Poetry Discussion: Thank you
 Poetry Discussion: Chapter 11: Coming to.
 Poetry Discussion: Next Chapter: The 5th Ring.
 Poetry Discussion: Chapter 9: still in the office
 Stories: Background Note

Writing Exercises

· Topic: Writing Exercises
· Total News: 945
· Total Reads: 424341
 Exercises: Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 272
 Exercises: Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 271
 Exercises: Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 270
 Exercises: Writing elegies and memory poems
 Exercises: Writing tercet and triad poetry
 Exercises: Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 268
 Stories: Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 266
 Exercises: 2014 April PAD Challenge: Next Steps
 Exercises: 2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 27
 Exercises: 2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 26

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