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GotPoetry's Exclusive and Featured Columnists
Original & Exclusive Columns
The following fantastic, original and exclusive content is written specifically for These articles cannot be reprinted without the written consent of the columnist. These columns are published on a regular basis and the columnists can be reached through their profiles on this site. We hope you enjoy them.


Aisle 9 - the Regular Column

· Topic: Aisle 9 - the Regular Column
· Total News: 26
· Total Reads: 66485
 Features: December '09 amusings.
 Features: Fusco's at old Cape Cod ( a reality show proposal)
 Features: An Apology and New Stuff
 Features: Con Jobs
 Features: The WeatherMan
 Features: Cars
 Features: Tidbits from Our Visit to The Big Apple
 Features: Two events that needed to be documented by an objective observer
 Features: Merry Month of May
 Features: Sitting Down

Bilbio - The Other Bible Stories

· Topic: Bilbio - The Other Bible Stories
· Total News: 28
· Total Reads: 44297
 Features: The Bed-Chapter Three- Epilogues
 Features: The Bed- Chapter Three, Epilogue One (concluded)
 Features: Chapter Three, Epilogue One- “It’s As If the Story Doesn’t Want to End”
 Features: "If You Come Together, Sometimes It Builds Itself
 Features: The Bed-Part Seven (continued)
 Features: The Bed- Chapter Three, Parts Of Seven
 Features: The Bed- Chapter Three, Parts Of Seven
 Features: Chapter Six-Part Three (conclusion)
 Features: The Bed- Chapter Three
 Features: The Bed - Chapter Three, Part 6 (continued even more)

Chrysanthemum - a serial novel

· Topic: Chrysanthemum - a serial novel
· Total News: 60
· Total Reads: 88016
 Features: Chapter 59 - Epilogue
 Features: Chapter 58 - Violent Femmes; possible exodus; impending Ground War; Polly
 Features: Chapter 57 - note, kite, Roanoke - what we say after we're gone
 Features: Chapter 56 - Bad December; Hinda plays out - show & drunken afterparty
 Features: Chapter 55 - desperation; here's what's left that proves you were here
 Features: Chapter 54 - aftermath; trains; names for God; no note left
 Features: Chapter 53 - scheduled surgery; Hanuman speaks; unscheduled changes in plans
 Features: Chapter 52 - fevers & functioning; "Darling, I'm angry & I'm suffering"
 Features: Chapter 51 - baby names
 Features: Chapter 50 - i love you, no matter what happens; Russia

Girls Want Porn Too

· Topic: Girls Want Porn Too
· Total News: 21
· Total Reads: 69494
 Features: Girls Want Porn Too - Unimportant Poetry
 Features: Girls Want Porn Too - The Birthday Edition
 Features: Will Fashion Break Poetry?
 Features: Update on The Lyrical Terrorist
 Features: GWP - The Future of Poetry
 Features: Girls Want Porn Too - If You Ever Wonder Why
 Features: Girls Want Porn: The Power of Sound
 Features: Change It Up
 Features: The Point is Not the Points
 Features: Why Children Should Memorize Poetry

Got Haiku? - the Regular Column

· Topic: Got Haiku? - the Regular Column
· Total News: 24
· Total Reads: 58694
 Features: Haiku and Selflessness - the Conundrum
 Features: haiku from the street - Wall Street
 Features: I often write of trains
 Features: my four-legged muse
 Features: drunk-ass haiku
 Features: Unquestionably haiku
 Features: writer's block - mining the vacuum
 Features: The Ex-Factor
 Features: Writer's Block - The Ultimate Inspiration
 Features: Show - Don't Tell

Grace by Sou Macmillan

· Topic: Grace by Sou Macmillan
· Total News: 45
· Total Reads: 44160
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 45
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 44
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 43
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 42
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 41
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 40
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 39
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 38
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 37
 Grace in the Shadow of the Big Tree - Chapter 36

How to Succeed as a Failing Writer

· Topic: How to Succeed as a Failing Writer
· Total News: 26
· Total Reads: 73910
 Features: Life After Slam
 Features: Long Time Quiet Now
 Features: Harry Potter and the Vampire People
 Features: Questions on Airplanes
 Features: Serving Neither Master
 Features: Look! Up in the Sky!
 Features: You Are DOOMED!!!
 Features: Drunken brilliance
 Features: Wild sex in the working-writer class
 Features: Midnight in the Morning

Intl Review of Bad Children's Books

· Topic: Intl Review of Bad Children's Books
· Total News: 41
· Total Reads: 135479
 Features: Follow the Leader - Extreme Sports Edition
 Features: Huck Finn - How to Ruin Good Books
 Features: Casper the Friendly But Not that Effective Ghost (TM)
 Features: Christmas Debris - Gremlins A New Friend
 Features: Christmas Debris - The Elf on the Shelf
 Features: Playing At Beggars
 Features: Barbie: Rapunzel and the Case of the Beard
 Features: The Little Marorette - Faster Pussycat Twirl Twirl!!!
 Features: Neil Gaiman's New Kid's Book? Meh.
 Features: The Anti-semitic Pachederms or The animal preserves are restricted

Poetry Is Doomed

· Topic: Poetry Is Doomed
· Total News: 38
· Total Reads: 109305
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #37 - The Critical Color Poetry Guide
 Features: Poetry is Doomed #36 - 50 Reasons Why Jazz Musicians are Cooler than Poets
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #35: Take Your Advice and Shove It
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #34: Letter Bag Q&A 2
 Features: Poetry is Doomed #33: So You Don't Like Poetry - A Primer
 Features: Poetry is Doomed #32: Spoken Word is Fried Chicken
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #31: Why Are Poets So Dramatic?
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #30: Your opinion is not equal to my theory
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #30: Are Music Lyrics Poetry?
 Features: Poetry Is Doomed #29: If you're going to perform from paper...

Staff Picks

· Topic: Staff Picks
· Total News: 80
· Total Reads: 176137
 Features: Staff Picks August 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for July 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for June 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for May 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for April 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for March 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for February 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for January 2014
 Features: Staff Picks for December 2013
 Features: Staff Picks for November 2013

Stolen Snapshots

· Topic: Stolen Snapshots
· Total News: 11
· Total Reads: 31430
 Features: Stolen Snapshots
 Features: Stolen Snapshots
 Features: Stolen Snapshots
 Features: Stolen Snapshots
 Features: Taylor Mali performs - Poetry and Interview
 Features: SLAM POET VIDEO: Ken Arkind: Poem & Interview
 Features: Slam Poet Zork video blog & Interview of Panama Soweto
 Features: SLAM POET: Jack McCarthy: Poem & Interview
 Features: Jamie Kilstein - Video Performance and Inteview VideoLog
 Features: Fish Vargas [2004 Slam Master Champ] - Performance and Inteview VideoLog

The Bell Curve

· Topic: The Bell Curve
· Total News: 6
· Total Reads: 15236
 Features: The Bell Curve: Recognize Your Resources
 Features: It just came to me...
 Features: Make Art Not War
 Features: Thank God and Poetry
 Features: Just Think of Them as Dust Jackets
 Features: Introduction

The Naked News Letter

· Topic: The Naked News Letter
· Total News: 29
· Total Reads: 58968
 Features: Totvi 12-26-07: "Christmas always gives me a boner."
 Features: The Tails of the Village Idiot, November 19th, 2006: Dear Santa
 Features: The TOTVI Part 3, 11-30-06
 Features: The Village Idiot Lives On, October 30, 2006
 Features: The Naked News Letter November 22nd, 2005
 Features: NNL 080705, TOTVI Published
 Features: NNL October 18, 2004
 Features: TVI's opprobrious diatribe of 53 do's and don'ts for poetry.
 Features: NNL 08-07-04. Writing Techniques of The Village Idiot.
 Features: NNL 05-12-04.

The Other Side of the Fence

· Topic: The Other Side of the Fence
· Total News: 13
· Total Reads: 31156
 Features: 2008 National Poetry Slam Finals
 Features: Hello, I Am A Book. Judge Me By My Cover
 Features: How To Be The Worst Host At A Poetry Slam Or An Open Mic
 Features: There Will Be Nerds
 Features: This Is The New Year
 Features: An Addendum
 Features: Where's My Money?
 Features: Where I Talk To Myself Using The Sock Puppet I Named Carl
 Features: A Confession
 Features: Direct Your Pitchforks And Torches Here

The Zero Point Zero Regular Column

· Topic: The Zero Point Zero Regular Column
· Total News: 124
· Total Reads: 194213
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Credo
 Features: Zero Point Zero: On Beginner's Poetry
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Rip It Up
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Report From IWPS, 2008
 Features: Zero Point Zero: From Page to Stage -- How Text Reflects Performance
 Features: Zero Point Zero: On the art of Saying Nothing About Art
 Features: Zero Point Zero: In Between Days
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Grouchy Ol' Me Explains...
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Reading The Same Poem Over And Over...
 Features: Zero Point Zero: Shifting Gears

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