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Heartwings Love Notes 616: Seeds of Joy Friday, April 18, 2014 (22:11:19)
Heartwings says, "Gratitude brings gifts to share and best of all is joy."

The seeds of joy grow easily in a grateful heart. The practice of gratitude is one of the most if not the most important of all spiritual exercises. When we are grateful for what we have, it will increase. When we are grateful even for that which is difficult for us to endure, it becomes easier to tolerate. As I accept what is given with gratitude it can reveal its lesson and its purpose in my life.

Joy, like happiness, is a byproduct of our attitude toward life. It cannot be sought, yet it can be cultivated. Joy essentially seeds itself in our lives when we feel good about ourselves and what we are doing. It is watered by love and fertilized by sharing. When I have good news, I can call my friends and tell them. When I feel joyful, I can smile at the world. It does not matter and I need not care whether anyone smiles back.

If I smile at the world without expecting anything back, I actually increase my returns because what goes around eventually returns to me. My joyous gift is made even more powerful because I have not looked for a payback of any kind. Thicht Nhat Hahn the well known Zen Buddhist teacher suggests we smile, a gentle, simple turn up of the corners of the mouth, whether we feel like it or not at the time because it brings joy to the heart regardless of the circumstances.

Joy does not need any special circumstances in order to manifest. Joy can come even in the midst of sorrow as a simple lift of my heart and the recognition that life goes on and I will too. As i am able to welcome change and all the potential it brings for my personal growth and happiness, I can also let go of the clouds of doubt that could obscure that potential.

Gratitude is like sunshine, blessing all it shines upon. Then as I am grateful for my blessings, the seeds of my joy grow and flourish. As I consciously work to accept with gratitude whatever gifts each day brings, I can discover these gifts for what they truly are: the lovely colors of my life woven into a tapestry threaded through and through with joy.

May the seeds of joy grow and blossom in your heart always.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

For more Love Notes or to subscribe:,
See for my other blog, under Pujakins,
Domestic Tranquility, conversations between me and Stephen, and Cooking with Tasha are posted on You Tube under Stephen and Tasha Halpert. For Stephen's and other humorous writing go to: www.funnywrite.comTo view Stephen's art, go to
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4-18-14 Friday, April 18, 2014 (17:50:58)
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Yosa Buson Friday, April 18, 2014 (07:18:37)
a tethered horse..
in both stirrups
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Lilt Thursday, April 17, 2014 (17:54:22)
soft breeze
I catch
daydreams of you

zoe_in_a_bubble 2013
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4-15-14 Tuesday, April 15, 2014 (04:14:30)
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Heartwings Love Notes 617: We met Over a Hammer Tuesday, April 15, 2014 (02:01:00)
Heartwings says, "Neighbors can be a good friends."

I had to say goodbye to my cherished neighbor. She has moved to another place to live. The routine of our days is broken and the ease of our being together has vanished away I had no idea how much it would affect me until it did, however it was inevitable. The day comes for many on their own that they must no longer live by themselves. She held out for as long as she could then went bravely and courageously to a safer place for her, with her health challenges to be.

Our relationship began when I moved into my apartment building and borrowed her hammer. Her talent for creativity prompted Stephen to encourage her create collages. Her early ones improved to a point where she was ready for a show at a restaurant in Worcester. People bought her work. Later she began creating one of a kind dolls. I took many people to her apartment to see her unique little creations.

Her bright spirit has been an inspiration to me. I have enjoyed her stories and her wit as well as her sharp mind. We did a cooking show on cable television show together, and it was so much fun I would have liked to have made a series with her. A fine cook, she would invite Stephen and me over for her popovers, serving us tea on her good china. We took her with us on drives and had many fun adventures together.

I will miss her cheerful morning calls. "Paper time," she'd say. She shared her newspaper with us and it was a nice opportunity to see her each day when either one of us would pick it up. Sometimes I rubbed her back when it hurt. While she often felt pain, she seldom complained. There is hole in my heart when a friend moves away. Of course we will keep in touch, and we will visit her as well. I will miss the popovers though.

May you have wonderful neighbors who become your friends.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

To enjoy more Love notes or to sign up for a free weekly subscription, please visit Check out Domestic Tranquility 1 on You Tube for a look at the Halperts in person. For a chance to enjoy some humorous writing please visit and enjoy the postings, not only by my husband Stephen and his friend Ken, but by others. Readers are invited to contribute there. Questions or comments? Please write
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Three Friday, April 11, 2014 (17:16:54)
The night
who falls, then yields
to light;

the day
who breaks, then fades

and me,
still learning how
to be.
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************** Thursday, April 10, 2014 (16:05:05)
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Sky Sunday, April 06, 2014 (16:36:46)
What is it but
a vault of short waves,

history's dark window

with which we bargain
while flouting millstones,

deigning to pull it lower

though it was named by God
to separate water from water

and hold the stars-

not to stage war,
not to steal away love.
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Monument Friday, April 04, 2014 (20:05:00)
I don't regret this broken heart.

I'll build it back for you
to break again.
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Got poetry? Friday, April 04, 2014 (16:26:00)
No, not yet I think!!!

Though a few months back, I thought to have got some poetry inside, as many a times I felt a voice whispering verses in my ears, or just dropping an image in my mind without caring for the fact that I was too busy to attend to it, but what a familiar spirit, always made me follow her.
Shared by a friend, the click of the GP link and the title pressed me to interpret it as, “if you think you’ve got some poetry, join in”. Charmed by the snares of the Muse, I lost my way, made an account but…felt like a fresher, a first year fool, and the sense of alienation made me lose the access to the account without feeling any loss, and you know what, the sense of loss occurs only when you weigh the loss, I did not weigh it because I did not feel it much.
After a few months, I regained the access, and at my first focused logging in, I felt as if I am Gulliver regaining consciousness after another shipwreck in the Vth Voyage to a vast island having shrewd inhabitants with weird names and clumsy avatars, the king and the queen screened and the reciprocal bond is the only currency.
Briefly speaking, on the site, the observation paved the way to learning and I kept on posting my scattered thoughts even without realizing that still I have not got poetry rather I need to get it. The workshops looked ironical attended by those who apparently don’t need it, what a looking glass! I could never appear in those sessions, as bound by the rules I never found myself capable of suggesting edits to those whose works I read to learn, before presenting mine for artistic scanning, and the diffidence continues to rise on high. You know I love blogs for a reason, if no one reads it at least I can have my catharsis…!!!!!!
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Heartwings Love Notes 615: If I Ruled the World Friday, April 04, 2014 (02:42:39)
Heartwings says, "The best of intentions do not always lead to the best outcomes."

My closest friend's family was quite well to do. They had purchased a television set while they were still too expensive for most people. On Sunday afternoons, when nothing her dad wanted to see was on, my friend and I would be allowed to watch a movie. What a treat that was, and how I did enjoy it. Imagine watching a movie in the comfort of your living room and furthermore being able to have an ice cream cone any time you wanted. Treats like these were rare and special.

Such was the simplicity of the world before home computers, relatively inexpensive big screen TVs, and large home freezers were common in most households. Of the movies I must have watched, the only film remaining to my memory was about good intentions gone awry. In it the hero tried reshaping the world to his idea of what was best. I remember that he saw sunshine as preferable to rain, thereby wishing a drought upon the earth and its inhabitants.

Of course there was much more to the story, however, some fifty years later I have completely forgotten it. However the lesson implied in the film stuck with me. What I or anyone else might wish for the best might not be in the best interests of everyone. When allowed to do so the balance of nature can in time put things right. For example volcanoes and earthquakes redistribute minerals and refertilize what is barren. Not a comfortable way to do it yet effective.

There is an old fairytale with this theme: when a man, granted a wish, wished for a month of Sundays. He saw this as delightful because it meant he did not have to work. However, he soon tired of idleness and churchgoing. Those who meddle with the established order can soon make careless mistakes. I may not like how the world is now, yet were I to try changing it to suit me I might really mess things up. The best I can do is pray for those who are in pain or strife and affirm that , although it is beyond my sight, somehow there is balance.

May you find ways to cope well with what life presents to you.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

To enjoy more Love notes or to sign up for a free weekly subscription, please visit Check out Domestic Tranquility 1 on You Tube for a look at the Halperts in person. To enjoy fun humorous writing please visit and enjoy the postings, not only by my husband Stephen and his friend Ken, but by others. Readers are invited to contribute there. Questions or comments? Please write
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Heartwings Love Notes 614: Living a No-Fault Life Saturday, March 29, 2014 (15:41:02)
Heartwings says, "When there is no fault neither is there anger or resentment."

Automobile insurance from Massachusetts companies is based on the principle of no fault: This means if you are involved with other vehicles in a car accident, regardless who is at fault, each insurance company pays for damages experienced by their insured. If this principle is applied to life it means that any resentment or anger I might feel from a perceived injury, whether physical, emotional or psychological can be seen in a different light.

If a cat scratches me, is it the cat's fault, or is it simply the nature of a cat to scratch? In my life I have had many people who metaphorically speaking stepped on my toes simply because of who they were. They didn't do it on purpose. They were just being themselves. Can I blame them for being themselves? Do I resent them for their actions, or do I simply recognize that it's not their fault that they are inclined to be forgetful, careless, ill informed or whatever else caused the problem?

I may do a disservice if I place blame on another instead of recognizing that he or she only acts as she or he is capable of acting at the time. The same is true of myself. I can take responsibility for my action; I can try to do better next time; yet I do not need to fault myself. It is my firm belief that at any given time people do only what they are capable of doing and that there is no need to assign fault. Blaming causes resentment and anger as well as tends to prolong the original difficulty.

I might gently call attention or discuss what was said or done, yet only if it seems important. It's not my job to judge the actions of another. Perhaps this is why statues and other images of Justice are usually blindfolded. She holds scales symbolizing fairness. Perhaps she sees with the eyes of the heart rather than her physical ones. To be fair I need to take into consideration all the factors in a situation and not only my perceptions. When I can accept that there really is no fault, that it simply is the way it is, then compassion and forgiveness will guide my response.

May you be able to see clearly and compassionately with the eyes of the heart.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

To enjoy more Love notes or to sign up for a free weekly subscription, please visit Check out Domestic Tranquility 1 on You Tube for a look at the Halperts in person. For a chance to enjoy some humorous writing please visit and enjoy the postings, not only by my husband Stephen and his friend Ken, but by others. Readers are invited to contribute there. Questions or comments? Please write
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Dixie Rose and Blue at Home on the Farm Friday, March 28, 2014 (20:27:05)
Dixie Rose and Blue at Home on the Farm

This posting is a little bit late… the horses came home on March 4th!!

A lot has been going on around here since the horses finally arrived. I’m glad to say that Dixie Rose and Blue have settled in quite nicely and seem to love their new barn and nice, big green pasture.

The horses went through a two-week transition from being fed hay and alfalfa to being able to graze on grass to their heart’s content. Actually, with all the rain we had it took more like three weeks. Just to explain - if horses aren’t gradually transitioned from one kind of feed to another it can result in serious digestive problems, so we took it quite seriously, slowly and cautiously.

Anyway, all is well with both horses even though out in the pasture Blue seemed to never stop eating… while Dixie Rose would eat for awhile and then stop and just gaze around at her surroundings. Obviously each horse is an individual… almost like people, lol!

So, here they are at home… Very Happy

First day in the pasture

Rainbow over the barn

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Not Tuesday, March 25, 2014 (05:20:58)
I do not regard you
as one would not regard the stars,
covert in denim
or evening’s slow shutter;

I do not consider you
as one would not consider a shadow
while facing the sun,
or the inability

to turn and take its hand.
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