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My Mother Always Used to SAy Monday, September 15, 2014 (02:26:45)
Heartwings says, "The treasured sayings of memory are ours to keep."

My mother often used to say, "a girl has to choose between her face and her figure," meaning that as women get older they look younger if their faces reflect a little extra weight. Please note, I said a little, not a whole lot. It is true that wrinkles are less obvious on faces smoothed by a bit of plumpness. Of course, this does not take face altering surgical techniques into account. In my mom's day most women didn't commonly resort to plastic surgery unless it was to correct an actual defect rather than simply look younger.

Another favorite saying of hers, and one I often heard her repeat was, "In a hundred years will anyone care about that?" Because my mother and I lived at a distance and she wasn't much for writing letters, we spent much time chatting over the telephone. If I were to repeat something I regretted or was upset about, she frequently responded with that saying. She was not one to repeat comforting words like, "oh you poor dear," or "I am so sorry..." Instead she took a more philosophical approach.

One of her sayings has certainly proved over time to be accurate: "People's peculiarities do not diminish with age, instead they often increase." I have observed this to be true. It is unwise to expect someone to change with time. When a person makes an effort certain characteristics may diminish or be enhanced, however, the basic personality remains pretty much the as it has always been. What is important is to learn to love the person unconditionally. Without expectation of change there will be no disappointment.

As I have become older, I have grown to admire my mother more and more. There are things that cannot be fully understood until they are experienced for oneself. I appreciate more than ever now what I so often heard her say: the outsides keeps on getting older but the insides stays the same. Inside myself I feel much as I have since I became an adult, yet when I look in the mirror I know I am not as young as I used to be. Still, it's the spirit within that counts. My mother's spirit was very young and she set me a good example.

May you have fond memories of loved ones that may guide you as time goes by.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

To enjoy more Love notes or to sign up for a free weekly subscription, please visit Check out Domestic Tranquility 1 on You Tube for a look at the Halperts in person. For a chance to enjoy some humorous writing please visit and enjoy the postings, not only by my husband Stephen and his friend Ken, but by others. Readers are invited to contribute there. Questions or comments? Please write
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THANKS AGAIN! Saturday, September 13, 2014 (14:33:45)
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06: nprimemin
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12: mac
13: Noremote
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Now with extra marshmallows! Saturday, September 13, 2014 (01:29:38)
Okay, so not a box of Lucky Charms...but more like new packaging with the same old label, lol.

I'm just writing this in the event that someone sees me post a poem that seems like something in workshops under "deleted user 9564".

She is me...I am she. A really unimaginative reincarnation in screen names Smile

...and for those of you disappointed there were no marshmallows, you can read my previous blog. lol

It was plenty sugary Wink
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9-12-14 Friday, September 12, 2014 (15:36:00)
This morning, as I sit here kind of reveling in the novelty of a late breakfast..rye, toasted just so, with a bit of butter and some preserves (hell no, not sugar free!), I’m thinking about the joys of what we tend to overlook in our hectic lives.

Planted in my writing spot, a childhood desk that still holds tiny carvings underneath, I am smack dab in the middle of mayhem. An explosion of action figures and wee Legos that would normally make me groan. It’s such a contrast to the quiet now that September is here. I’m surprised to actually long for three o’clock when I can bring back those two little balls of energy that fill the place with madness at times, with their “He’s touching me with his foot!” and “Moooom! I can’t find Batman’s grappling hook! Find it!!”. Fighting and other randomness…It makes me pause and realize how they fill this house with life. And as much as the quiet is lovely, I would be lost without my little rag tag family.

At some point I should pop the last bite of crust in my mouth and get back to shoveling the 10,000 pieces of plastic off the floor, but maybe today I will just leave it as a welcome home.
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Thoughts on Nine Eleven 2014 Thursday, September 11, 2014 (17:11:00)
Thoughts on Nine Eleven 2014

A Saudi’s son
once aimed his sights
toward towers tall
midst city lights.

His minions flew
through peaceful skies
to make his mark
on people's lives.

No one forgets
when this began;
no one forgets
where they were then…

---- ---- ---- ----

Who would have thought
his seed could grow
in Minnesota’s
fertile soil.

A mix of mud
and martyr’s blood
from Mogadishu’s
wretched flood.

Emboldened sons
false prophet’s preach
them martyrdom
and death they seek

The west debates
what should we do
to fix mistakes
from World War II.

And on and on
the drumbeat rolls
while day by day
the carnage grows.

No peace awaits
the world we know
'til all the gates
of hell are full….
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Saying My Name Wednesday, September 10, 2014 (19:05:13)
My childhood was really terrible. My mom and my real dad got divorced before I was a year old. They had been married about six years, they just waited to have me.

Then my mom married my step-dad. My real dad married a lady with a couple of kids.

I was so young, that the parents all got together and decided without any sort of legal proceedings my real dad would raise those kids and my step-dad would raise me as his. I wish I had had some sort of approval over that decision. My step-dad, although I really loved him, turned out to be quite the abusive alcoholic.

As a child, I used to pray that I wouldn't become an alcoholic like him. I used to sometimes pray that he wasn't my dad.

In sixth grade, I tried out for a softball team. I thwacked the ball out of the park on my second swing. I made The Tigers. The best team.

I was enrolled in school with my step-dad's last name. When I told my mom that I needed to take my birth certificate in to start playing softball, she hedged. By this time, she and my step-dad were on the verge of divorce and his drinking was out of control.

She broke down and told me about my real dad. So in a way, my prayers were answered. She also told me that if my step-dad found out I knew, he'd probably flip out and kill us.

My real dad worked in radio, like two towns away. My step-dad got in the habit of turning the radio on that station and would watch to see if I had any sort of reaction. It was torture.
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Coffee painting and words Wednesday, September 10, 2014 (15:37:31)
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Hosting a GotPoetry Sponsored Slam in Your Area! Wednesday, September 10, 2014 (13:23:19)
This morning I awoke to fantastic news! As many of you may know, I have been working with coffee shops and various venues in my area (Long Island, NY) to begin hosting Live Poetry Slams sponsored by GotPoetry.

While I have secured 4 locations so far, this morning it was confirmed that we now have a full roster of 30 local poets who will participate in the very first event scheduled for September 23rd, 2014. Although I have used my area to test this feature out - I would now like to extend the invitation for any member located in the surrounding areas (NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, VT, NH, RI) to contact me if they are interested in doing the same in their area.

Here is how these events will work. Each event will include 25-30 poets, entry fee will be based on status - ($15 for GP members, $25 for Non-GP members). 20% of all proceeds will be placed back into the GP community, the Grand Slammer will win the rest of the pot!

All Winners will receive a feature in our newsletter and their winning poem will be placed in our Grand Slammer Anthology. It is a little far in advance, but I was thinking of having an annual Slam so that all of the Grand Slammers can go against each other as well! (Feel free to express your thoughts on this!)

Of course, I will help you solicit, market and the first few I will come visit to help you get things started. After this, you will be running the show in your area.

Now - here is the the ONLY aspects that will vary based on individual situations -

Of course I want you to be compensated for the time and effort it will surely take to organize these events in your area. Some vendors will require additional rules to host an event at their venue such as a drink minimum or door fee etc. Once we determine the venues in your area and what is needed to host an event - you and I will sit down and create your compensation schedule.

Until we get this up and running in your area - All Members involved will receive a complimentary annual Gold membership (or upgrade if you are already a Gold Member) once they have secured the venues and held their first event.

While this is still in the beta stages - of course we will all work together and tweak this as needed to cater to your areas. For now - I would just like to get an idea of which areas will be successful and which members are interested in both orchestrating and participating in such events!

Contact me with questions, feedback or interest!

Looking forward to BIG things! Cool
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The Beauty Around Us Monday, September 08, 2014 (02:08:53)
Heartwings says, "There is much to be seen wherever we look when our eyes are open to see it."

I frequently receive beautiful films and photographs sent to me by fellow Internet users and forward these to friends that I hope will enjoy them. As I was watching a particularly lovely film on the Birds of Paradise in New Guinea, it occurred to me that while these birds were lovely to look at, they were rare and unavailable to most of us except as photographs. Yet there is beauty wherever we are that can delight the eye daily.

Out for a walk, if I keep my eyes open, I might see a special flower in a neighboring garden or the gleam of a ray of light illuminating a drop of dew that shimmers tiny rainbows in the grass. If I am looking I will notice the tiny frog hopping along or iridescent dragonfly wings winking in the sun. Yet if my mind is preoccupied with thoughts about something other than where I am just then and what is going on around me, I might miss out on the beauty that is present.

Meditation on a regular basis helps me be aware of where my mind is taking me, yet even when I am doing my meditation practice it can be difficult to keep my focus on my breathing and my helpful discipline of inhaling light in through the top of my head and out through the center of my chest. When I recognize my distraction and reassert my attention to my breath I accomplish my goal of staying focused, however I must persist or it will not last.

It takes work on a daily basis to ignore the nibbling thoughts that keep my eyes turned inward instead of outward. Like most adults I have plenty to plan, mull over or even worry about. None of this mental chitchat is important; like dust or litter it is there, waiting for me to notice it or else recognize its triviality at this particular moment and ignore it. The choice is always mine. When I actively seek beauty wherever I am I replace my mind chatter with a useful mental occupation, and I can even find myself inspired by what I perceive.

May you find ways to stay focused on the beauty around you.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

To read more Heartwings Love Notes or to sign up to receive them weekly, go to To see my Stephen's paper paintings, go to www. For chuckles, and to read his funny columns, go to Ken's site, To watch us on TV go to Domestic Tranquility1 on YouTube. If you have comments or questions, please let me know. You can also read Love notes on Face Book either on my timeline under notes or its own site, Heartwings Love Notes, also under notes.
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Some of my favorite people Sunday, September 07, 2014 (03:43:00)
Some of my favorite writers, Fogglethorpe and Wordsmithwannabe, left Gotpoetry. I hope that I can read some of their upcoming poetry sometime in the future, as I find their work worthwhile and engaging. That said, I hope that they move onto better things if they don't rejoin. But maybe they will see a newly developed community in the future and will decide to join again.
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autonomy Sunday, September 07, 2014 (00:41:00)
The condition or quality of being autonomous; independence.
Self- government or the right of self-government; self-determination.
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hearing :-) Saturday, September 06, 2014 (00:05:43)
I'm having sinus issues which is causing stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, ears clogged...all the normal stuff. Well, the clogged ears are causing some interesting conversations. Had to take Keith to his eye doctor today and as he was making his next appt. the receptionist said, "you'll need to come back for an oil change." I said I know you didn't just say he needs to come back for an oil change! and she laughed and said, "no, I said he needs to come back in four months." Oh dear!!! I need to get better!!!!
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WOW - THANK YOU! Thursday, September 04, 2014 (16:09:37)
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Show the slams some love!!!! Wednesday, September 03, 2014 (16:01:14)
I know there are some out there who don't care for the slams and I won't try to convince you how great they are or how much fun. This message is for the members who set up slams and join slams... don't forget to rate the slams! Show some love! Especially if it's a slam you set up! We seem to forget to go back and rate them. So let's take care of our slams and keep them exciting and fun. Thanks!!!!
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Poetry Cleansing Wednesday, September 03, 2014 (13:50:06)
Let's face it - this world can, at often times, resembles the hell of another planet. What one would assume would be the trials, errors and testing of character that you would only think to find in a purgatory or a hell of some sort! But then out of nowhere, usually without action or warning - things just seem to be not so bad after all! WTF?! Am I the only one that doesn't like to be on an emotional roller coaster unless I put MYSELF on it? Evil or Very Mad

And then ... there's always poetry. The words that can lift you up when you need a boost ... the emotions that act as a universal blanket, catering to the intensity of your chills... that moment when you feel that you're never going to find your soul mate but find yourself so elegantly comforted by reading the words of someone who truly found theirs - giving you hope that yours is out there somewhere!

I even appreciate a good, deep, old fashioned hate poem every once in a while - just to remind me that I'm not the only one that has mental rages sometimes!

I call it Poetry Cleansing. Having an outter body experience for just a few minutes at a time while you give up your own thoughts, emotions, heartaches and frustrations and just enter into to someone else's ...

Sometimes the only true way to solve your own problems is giving yourself just a minute to step out of them and see things from a different perspective.

In a sense - poetry is the perfect advice from a far away friend that you never have to feel bad for not taking! It's the escape that doesn't leave you strung out or withdrawing but feel feeling just as cleansed and free.

But most importantly - poetry is the ultimate example of how powerful words can be and how similar we all really are!

Just a morning thought of the day ...
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